Monday, February 14, 2011

[EDITED2] Tamashii Feature Vol.2 Upcoming Ultra Act Products

Ultraman Leo - Release: May 2011, 3570yen

Ultraman Cloak (can be used with all Ultraman from the series) - Release: TBA

On the Right: Ultraman - Released, 2940yen

Ultraman Tiga Multi Type - Release: March 2011, 3570yen

Ultraman Tiga Sky Type - Release: April 2011, 3360yen

Ultraman Tiga Power Type - Release: TBA, 3360yen

Dark Tiga - Release: April 2011, 3360yen

Evil Tiga - Release: TBA

U.M.W. UX-01 Guts Wing 1 - Release: March 2011, 5040yen

U.M.W. UX-02 XIG Fighter SS - Release: TBA

U.M.W. UX-03 XIG Fighter SG - Release: TBA

Tamashii Web Limited Dark Clops Zero - Released, 3360yen
Zamusha - Released, 3990yen

Eleking - Released, 4935yen

Gomora - Released, 4935yen

Mirror Knight - Release: TBA

Guren Fire - Release: TBA

 On the right: Magma Seijin - Release: May 2011, 3570yen

Kirieroido - Release: March 2011, 3990yen

*All prices includes 5% tax*

Source: GA Graphics, Cybergundam,

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