Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014 Malaysia

The Gundam Model Kit Contest is back again for 2014, also known as Gundam Mid Year Challenge in 2013. The venue is again at Sungai Wang Plaza in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and easily accessible by public transport. The exhibit for the contest entries are held from 6-15 June 2014 and for the commercial side, this time the theme for the event is based on the Gunpla Build Fighter Series.

A cute Beargguy III to greed all visitors

During my visit, a speed challenge was being held. The speed challenge is a snapfit challenge with participants building non-grade gunplas from the Gundam Build Fighters Series. These guys that participated much be seasoned gunpla advocate as no construction manuals were needed.

As with all Gundam related events, there are merchandise on sale and everyone seems to be rushing to get one for themselves. Not that its cheap, as one could get the prices offered on "discount" in another nearby mall (Berjaya Times Square) at any point of time and without the crowd to get in the way. 

Without me blabbering on other events that took place at the time of my visit, lets take a look on the contestant entries! Sorry for the low resolution pictures as I'm just using my phone camera. =p

Click HERE for the rest of the pictures!!

Last but not least, the new gundam kits that are on display:

RG Exia Making Its Appearance!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Here and Back AGAIN!!


It's been almost a whole year since my last blog post! Time really flies when you're working huh. 
Oh well... I never thought this blog would be dead for so long and this time I will make sure it stays active!! 

And as a return factor, A FIRST FINISHED GUNPLA is COMING SOON! It took me 2 years, yes 2 YEARS to finish this one gunpla. Laziness and work really does have an effect but I LAZINESS is definitely on TOP!

Sneak peek at the back. hehe...

Well, I'm not totally out from the toy collection world as my collection is still growing (and burning money) even though I'm not active in blogging for the past year. With so many hit animes and comic book adaptations hitting cinemas, keeping in mind TF4: AOE, there are always no short of new toys and collections to be added. 

I'm also in the mist of setting back up my DIY light box for figure photography (amateur and lag of a proper camera), which can be seen in previous postings such as LINK 1. The old one is discarded after I left my studies and I dont have one since... T_T.
**All pictures featured in this posting is taken via IPhone 5**

I think her star has faded.. Cruel...
With that, I will conclude this short posting/update and be back with a proper post.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minions Fever in Malaysia

It's just plastic right??? NAHH!!!! IT IS MINION!!! 

Well I think everyone in this region already know, what has the Minion Fever done to all fans and scalpers alike. How about children if you were to ask? Well, I dont think most of them get a chance to own 1 due to the craziness. 

Now let me breakdown the "outbreak" of the fever as below:

Week 1: Minions can be bought within 3 days of release in certain places. 
Week 2: Awareness has increased. Within 24 hours it is sold out.
Week 3: People getting "Kiasu" (dont want to lose). By morning it is sold out. Scalpers are now on the move. Certain McDonalds even suffered "structural losses." (Prangin Mall - Penang)
Week 4: Peak! Crowd control by Police required in certain areas. (Bandar Utama - PJ)

WOoooo.... Minions..... 

One thing I can say is that IT IS CRAZYYYY!! Happy Meal is suppose to be a treat/bribe for the kids during family outings. And not for people to fight and earn money (Yes, I do mean you scalpers out there) from. One of the finger pointing that could have triggered the massive buying via Happy Meals could be the exorbitant prices that these things are selling at Toys R Us or at Parkson. They are just not worth the money.

No doubt, the Minions are cute, funny and I would say well marketed for "awareness". Worth queuing up? I don't think so. As with all animation characters, they will have their peak but their popularity will wane sooner or later. It just doesn't have the collect-ability factor that is marked by characters from series such as The Transformers, Gundams, Sanrio and Marvel just to name a few. These characters have their ups and downs but they do come back and their value is rather much maintained over long periods. No offence to Minions collectors out there by any means. =D

Below are a few examples of the queues in Malaysia:

Bandar Utama - PJ

Kampar - Perak

Prangin Mall - Penang

Green Lane - Penang

Kulim - Kedah

Melati Utama - Setapak

With my rage out of the way, here is my one and only minion which I got from a basic lunch time meal back in Week 2. I got the evil minion as I think that he's the best looking happy meal toy among the rest with its "real hair" compared to its fully plastic cousins.
Gotta love those drowsy eyes and the protruding teeth. XD

Evil Minion - Chopper
Him together with another fellow evil minion (Courtesy from my friend):

Overall, Happy Meal Minions are are cute and affordable to own but please don't go too crazy about it. If you didn't manage to get via Happy Meals and really want it, you can always buy the official merchandise from your local toy stores. 
Cheers Everyone!!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shell Lego Ferrari 458 - Italia

A long long delayed post on my Shell Lego Collection!

Featuring this week is the Ferrari 458 Italia which was charted into the Ferrari hierarchy in 2009. Although, released as a replacement for the outgoing F430, it has a completely new design with much more advance technologies harnessed from its success in Formula 1. 

This lego model is molded in yellow rather than the Ferrari's signature red. Too many reds make the world dull I guess? 

This model is the only in the whole series which shows its "Engines" through the back windscreen.. The lights' placement are spot on (in Lego terms) and its "exhaust pipes" accurately shows the 3 mufflers from the original design. For those who are interested in the real thing, proceed to this link. XD

Designs aside, this Ferrari model actually won many accolades such as:
1. BBC Top Gear Car of the Year 2009
2. BBC Top Gear Supercar of the Year
3. CAR Magazine Performance Car of the Year 2010
4. Motor Trend Best Driver's Car 2011 
and many more~

The only drawback of this supercar is that.. Justin Bieber owns one...... =(

With that said, here are more pictures of the Lego! Enjoy!

The real thing~~

And for you motorheads, A comparison between the 430 and the 458 by Top Gear UK!


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