Sunday, August 21, 2011

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX

A long time it has been since my last post but a long hiatus means something new. ^^
A new photoshooting area is created with a diy lightbox which can be seen in the pictures that follow. But in the process, one of my table lamps went on to its "next life", so the lighting can be a bit "one sided"

OK, back to the posting. Kamen Rider Black RX as everyone knows is one of the most successful kamen rider series next to Kamen Rider Black which is also acted by the same actor, Tetsuo Kurata. This success might be also due to the fact that RX is the first Kamen Rider series to be re-acted into the American "Masked Rider". "The Child of the Sun", RX is the evolved form of Black and still uses the Kingstone as the core for its powers which comes from the sun.

A tad skinny but then this is a SH Figuarts back from 2009. Designs have improved by a mile ever since.


A bit smudged but no complains here

Very metallic as you can see the reflection of yours truly as well~

For such a small item, this is very detailed indeed.

Action Poses:

Post-henshin signatures~

King Stone Flash!

Rider Kick! (I know its not RX's version. Noticed after done everything)


Time to slice and dice!

Articulation: Its a SH Figuarts! Really flexible but one of the knees is a bit loose comparatively. Nothing much though.

Paintjob: Only a slight blib at the mouth area, others are perfect! Really satisfied with it.

Value for money: Good! as i got it before those scrapplers get a hold on it and drive the prices crazy for RX's series SH Figuarts.

Overall: If your a Kamen Rider fan, better have one! LOL


  1. SH Figuartshas has earns its reputation for modern articulate Kamen Rider figures. Toys usually have inconsistency in paint job. There might some without blib at the mouth area.

  2. Yeah. It provides such a refreshing take on the old school series toys. Your right, but with its really hard to find a toy with zero defect nowdays. haha!

  3. not a Kamen Rider fan indeed, although i’m more from the very old school Sankoukai series (which i saw a long, long time ago HAHAHAHAHAHA) but this figure is pretty fine for my taste, i like specially the glossy finish which make it looks like a chogokin... BTW, a lightbox is a nice addition, but i still prefer the natural light... just a thought =)

  4. Personally I like Black more than Black RX. Anyway RX is welldone as a toy for this series. Now all he need is his bike. :)

  5. @Chris: yeah, the metallic feel does gives the figure a more chogokin feel. Thanks for the complement bro! very hard to find natural lighting in my house. haha

    @Leon: Thats true for a lot of fans but i like RX cause of his Revolcane/Lightsaber! hehe! I'll get the bike in the future if i can find a worthy price.