Friday, March 11, 2011

DragonZord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Zord where the original evil ranger, the Green Ranger can summon and command via his "Dragon Dagger". His flute that can summon Dragonzord doubles up as melee weapon which he use. Under a spell, he used his powers to fight the 5 rangers and did it amazingly well (new characters usually do pretty well... XD). After the evil spell is broken, the Green Ranger along with his Dragonzord fight alongside the other rangers against the forces of evil..

The Dragonzord has few weapons it his arsenal, mainly the missiles from its fingers and its tail. However, most of the fight scenes involves it in a melee battle. However it can be merged with the Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord or Dragonzord Battle Mode. Alternately, it can also be combined with the Megazord and Titanus (review soon.....) to form the mighty Ultrazord.

A mean looking head~

Not that sure if those missiles can still be launched though

The chrome bits of this figure did not wear that fast as compared to the Megazord chrome bits.

A look at its box and manual of which i still have~

Yup, it was made a looong time ago..

At that time, bandai still have factories in Thailand (better quality i suppose?)

Dragonzord with his best buddy sparing partner, Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

And finally a little tribute to our dear-old zord from Youtube:


  1. Man! I luv it whenever you showcase your own collection. This Green Ranger from the first 'Power Ranger' series happened to be my favorite and the tune of summoning his zoid rocks. It's a great toy and I wish I have it. My envious to you my friend.

  2. ^^
    Thanks Bro!! I think his one of the only rangers around that need not "sit" in his zord to command it. I love the arsenal of the green ranger as it can be "shared" with the other rangers such as the flute and "gold vest". U hv a lot that i envy too bro. =p
    1 more zord from the 1st season soon to come~