Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minions Fever in Malaysia

It's just plastic right??? NAHH!!!! IT IS MINION!!! 

Well I think everyone in this region already know, what has the Minion Fever done to all fans and scalpers alike. How about children if you were to ask? Well, I dont think most of them get a chance to own 1 due to the craziness. 

Now let me breakdown the "outbreak" of the fever as below:

Week 1: Minions can be bought within 3 days of release in certain places. 
Week 2: Awareness has increased. Within 24 hours it is sold out.
Week 3: People getting "Kiasu" (dont want to lose). By morning it is sold out. Scalpers are now on the move. Certain McDonalds even suffered "structural losses." (Prangin Mall - Penang)
Week 4: Peak! Crowd control by Police required in certain areas. (Bandar Utama - PJ)

WOoooo.... Minions..... 

One thing I can say is that IT IS CRAZYYYY!! Happy Meal is suppose to be a treat/bribe for the kids during family outings. And not for people to fight and earn money (Yes, I do mean you scalpers out there) from. One of the finger pointing that could have triggered the massive buying via Happy Meals could be the exorbitant prices that these things are selling at Toys R Us or at Parkson. They are just not worth the money.

No doubt, the Minions are cute, funny and I would say well marketed for "awareness". Worth queuing up? I don't think so. As with all animation characters, they will have their peak but their popularity will wane sooner or later. It just doesn't have the collect-ability factor that is marked by characters from series such as The Transformers, Gundams, Sanrio and Marvel just to name a few. These characters have their ups and downs but they do come back and their value is rather much maintained over long periods. No offence to Minions collectors out there by any means. =D

Below are a few examples of the queues in Malaysia:

Bandar Utama - PJ

Kampar - Perak

Prangin Mall - Penang

Green Lane - Penang

Kulim - Kedah

Melati Utama - Setapak

With my rage out of the way, here is my one and only minion which I got from a basic lunch time meal back in Week 2. I got the evil minion as I think that he's the best looking happy meal toy among the rest with its "real hair" compared to its fully plastic cousins.
Gotta love those drowsy eyes and the protruding teeth. XD

Evil Minion - Chopper
Him together with another fellow evil minion (Courtesy from my friend):

Overall, Happy Meal Minions are are cute and affordable to own but please don't go too crazy about it. If you didn't manage to get via Happy Meals and really want it, you can always buy the official merchandise from your local toy stores. 
Cheers Everyone!!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shell Lego Ferrari 458 - Italia

A long long delayed post on my Shell Lego Collection!

Featuring this week is the Ferrari 458 Italia which was charted into the Ferrari hierarchy in 2009. Although, released as a replacement for the outgoing F430, it has a completely new design with much more advance technologies harnessed from its success in Formula 1. 

This lego model is molded in yellow rather than the Ferrari's signature red. Too many reds make the world dull I guess? 

This model is the only in the whole series which shows its "Engines" through the back windscreen.. The lights' placement are spot on (in Lego terms) and its "exhaust pipes" accurately shows the 3 mufflers from the original design. For those who are interested in the real thing, proceed to this link. XD

Designs aside, this Ferrari model actually won many accolades such as:
1. BBC Top Gear Car of the Year 2009
2. BBC Top Gear Supercar of the Year
3. CAR Magazine Performance Car of the Year 2010
4. Motor Trend Best Driver's Car 2011 
and many more~

The only drawback of this supercar is that.. Justin Bieber owns one...... =(

With that said, here are more pictures of the Lego! Enjoy!

The real thing~~

And for you motorheads, A comparison between the 430 and the 458 by Top Gear UK!

1. http://www.ferrari.com
2. http://www.carsguide.com.au
3. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Collection Part 2

After a very long overdue, here is an update to my collection! Last posted in July 2011, since then I have hauled enough "goods and merchandise" to display them in a new cabinet. For those who have seen before my post here, you might notice some similar toys as they are relocated.

Not much as compared to other collectors out there, but I just thought of sharing (bloat) it anyway. HAHAHA!

I wouldn't talk much in this post as I will let the pictures do the talking. =P

No other transformers except Prime for me!
Prime Collection 1
Prime Collection 2

Random Gundams with "Guest Stars"

I'm still missing one more form of Gurren Lagann if one notices. =(
Gurren Lagann 
Pure Randomness

MMPR Megazords 1

Super Train Megazord!
One of the largest single combined Zords

The mother of all zords.
All the Megazords above have been moved from their original location as their new home is free from dust! And their replacement on the alter goes to~
There will definitely be a Part 3 in the books as I still have some that have yet to the light of day.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Toy (I Guess??)

We all have our first to everything. First book, first days, first allowance, first crush and not to mention, first toy (Quality toy that is XD). I can't really remember what my first is, but this is the closes to it.

I got this lovely but simply toy when I was around 3 or 4 (I cant really remember), when an aunt of mine came back from the states for work commitments. This toy came in bags of pieces and needs to be assembled. 
It's made from hard plastic and its very durable, which you can guess judging that I still have it in 1 piece =P. I can still remember throwing it onthe floor to submerging it in water. HAHAHA!

The made of this is from "Mic-o-mic", a German toy manufacturer. After some research online, I've found that this particular model is still available! Talk about all time favourite. Truly I am amazed by how a toy line can survive this long without getting discontinued. Btw, anyone saw this brand before? I never did saw it even once in Malaysia though.

And to add to the nostalgia all over again, I have found a video on their website showing a sample assembly process of the plane.


Finally, there is no place for an empty cockpit. So here we GO!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013



Sorry, this blog does not take any political sides! =p

For those residing in other countries, Malaysia is having their nationwide election tomorrow, 5th May 2013. "Ubah" stands for "Change" in the Malay language and it's a theme constantly used for this coming election.

However, to stay true to the "Title" of this post, one can thus see some "Ubah" below! HEHEHE



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Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

AHHH!! IRON MAN 3. A movie that I have waited long and wide for! One of my favourite Marvel characters to the silver screen and I can assure you, IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT !

With 2 episodes already done and records achieved, what more can we expect from the series? Oh well, why not even more AWESOMENESS! Alright, back to the review~

Iron Man 3 takes place in the events after the Avengers. After Aliens and Gods attack the earth for power supremacy, dictatorship, resources, blah blah blah, one cant wonder Tony Stark is getting paranoid about the next attack that might happen. With Stark Industries in the capable hands of Pepper Potts, Tony now spends his time building more and more Iron Man suits preparing for an impending attack.

Cool Tony

The Star of the show this time around will be the Iron Man Mark 42 or XLII which will be Tony's default suit. This sequel will take the audiences through the emotions and responsibilities that a super hero goes through (even though he's a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist) in their lives.

Emo Tony

As everyone should already know by now, War Machine has been rebranded as the "Iron Patriot" with all its "Stars and Strips" and the all American dream. *Seriously, Captain America looks much cooler even with his hideous mask/cap* HAHAHAHAHAH

*Captain Stars and Strips*

The villaineous core for this movie will be "The Mandarin" which for Iron Man fans, translates into his arch nemesis that keeps popping out in every reincarnation of the series. Playing The Mandarin will be Ben Kingsley which no doubt carries "his character" to a "whole new LEVEL" =p

Look at me you fools!

With Iron Man 3, I would say we will have a complete cycle of being a superhero. Rather than most hero movies in the past (The Dark Knight not included), where storylines are boring and predictable, Iron Man 3 does provide audiences with more suspense and drama than the usual. The acting of actor and actress are superb through their understanding of their character (except the screaming human extras =.=).  The special effects are much better compared to the previous incarnations, and I particularly love the motion controlled computers which makes touch screens obsolete. One particular effort I see from this movie is that THE BAD GUYS DONT WAIT FOR YOU TO TRANSFORM!!! which is very refreshing to watch.

Overall, it is a very fun and stress relieving movie to watch for all ages, and it could serve as a movie which one can watch over and over again.

Here are some movie stills from Iron Man 3:

*Lansi Tony
*Lansi = Arrogant

Serious Tony

Romantic Tony???

Shocked Tony

Worn-out Tony

No Tony

Out of Sorts Tony

Act-Calm Tony

Do take note of this guy. HEHEHEHE


A trailer to get you into the mood~~

And before I end, (SPOILER ALERT), let me warn you......







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