Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

AHHH!! IRON MAN 3. A movie that I have waited long and wide for! One of my favourite Marvel characters to the silver screen and I can assure you, IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT !

With 2 episodes already done and records achieved, what more can we expect from the series? Oh well, why not even more AWESOMENESS! Alright, back to the review~

Iron Man 3 takes place in the events after the Avengers. After Aliens and Gods attack the earth for power supremacy, dictatorship, resources, blah blah blah, one cant wonder Tony Stark is getting paranoid about the next attack that might happen. With Stark Industries in the capable hands of Pepper Potts, Tony now spends his time building more and more Iron Man suits preparing for an impending attack.

Cool Tony

The Star of the show this time around will be the Iron Man Mark 42 or XLII which will be Tony's default suit. This sequel will take the audiences through the emotions and responsibilities that a super hero goes through (even though he's a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist) in their lives.

Emo Tony

As everyone should already know by now, War Machine has been rebranded as the "Iron Patriot" with all its "Stars and Strips" and the all American dream. *Seriously, Captain America looks much cooler even with his hideous mask/cap* HAHAHAHAHAH

*Captain Stars and Strips*

The villaineous core for this movie will be "The Mandarin" which for Iron Man fans, translates into his arch nemesis that keeps popping out in every reincarnation of the series. Playing The Mandarin will be Ben Kingsley which no doubt carries "his character" to a "whole new LEVEL" =p

Look at me you fools!

With Iron Man 3, I would say we will have a complete cycle of being a superhero. Rather than most hero movies in the past (The Dark Knight not included), where storylines are boring and predictable, Iron Man 3 does provide audiences with more suspense and drama than the usual. The acting of actor and actress are superb through their understanding of their character (except the screaming human extras =.=).  The special effects are much better compared to the previous incarnations, and I particularly love the motion controlled computers which makes touch screens obsolete. One particular effort I see from this movie is that THE BAD GUYS DONT WAIT FOR YOU TO TRANSFORM!!! which is very refreshing to watch.

Overall, it is a very fun and stress relieving movie to watch for all ages, and it could serve as a movie which one can watch over and over again.

Here are some movie stills from Iron Man 3:

*Lansi Tony
*Lansi = Arrogant

Serious Tony

Romantic Tony???

Shocked Tony

Worn-out Tony

No Tony

Out of Sorts Tony

Act-Calm Tony

Do take note of this guy. HEHEHEHE


A trailer to get you into the mood~~

And before I end, (SPOILER ALERT), let me warn you......







Till the next post!

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