Tuesday, July 5, 2011

D-Arts Wargreymon Review!

After a long run without a post, IM BACK! This time with D-Arts Wargreymon! Wargreymon is the Mega level digimon of our favourite digimon, Agumon. Wargreymon has improved agility and power compared to Metal Greymon and arguably the best looking digimon ever!

 The "small" scratch on the brave crest comes out of the box. haih...

The detail on the head and torso is beautifully sculpted and is very anime accurate and the paint job is very good for this action figure. The joints are somewhat similar to the ones used in SH Figuarts range

The chrome on his Mega Claw is really shinny and blends in pretty well with the gold colours.


and he's aiming for a dunk!!!


Overall, this figure is very decent for display purposes with its accurate paintjob and proportions. However, the joints are loose and poses are very difficult to make due to that. Quite a hefty price tag as well for a figure that comes with only a "burning ball". Worth the wait? Well, as a fan it sure is! ^^