Thursday, December 13, 2012

BB Gundam Wing Zero Custom

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. This movie for me is the best gundam movie out there at the moment (no offence you UC fans =p) The animation and graphics during that period is great and there are no repeat scenes which is made famous by Gundam Seed. No kudos for them for that. HAHA.

All BB gundams are cute without a doubt (even a GM) but not all have the "wow" factor and this particular one definitely have. The details provided are sufficient and with a little work it will look great.

As for this model, I've painted some parts and applied decals from the MG version which I also have tucked in my display cabinet. No outing for him yet though. =p
The antennas are sharpened repainted gold as I felt the yellow colour is a bit pale. Other than that, mostly are still base colours with a pearl clear finishing.

Not great finishing, but then who cares. =p

The pearl finish effect clearly seen here. ^^

Some action shots (sort of):

Overall, the designs for this BB is still more towards the old fashion BBs which have a shorter torso and legs as compared to the new BBs. It is nice to display in a cabinet but the play value is significantly little. If your're looking for a more modern BB for gundam wing, you can get the BB Gundam Wing EW. However, I really do hope they re-release this particular one in the new "format".

Till the next post!