Sunday, October 24, 2010

G1 C-310 God Ginrai!

This is my G1 C-310 God Ginrai. I got this many years ago (7 or 8 years ago) when my parents bought it for me from Hong Kong. At that time i was taken a back by its size as i never had such a big transformers figure before and i dont even know which series he was from other than he is Optimus Prime. XD
And since i was not mature enough at that time, the box is gone but luckily the card and instructions manual is still there and complete with all the parts. Alright enough with the chatter, here are the pictures! (sorry for the pics as this is the best camera i have)

 I'll say this is the convoy but in this series i don't know what it is called exactly when its in its truck mode without Ginrai though.

The transformation process is easy enough though some parts are very stiff and require gentle hands or else it might suffer damages.

 Articulation wise.. er.. how should i say.. fairly basic for a figure of its time and very limited for today's standards. The elbow joint can be moved up and down and thats basically it.
The mini Ginrai

...that can transform into a "box?"

 The trailer for this convoy has weapons and on it and its not something to be messed with!

 The Super Ginrai. Sure the heads looked oversized and the arms looked too small for the guns, but it is still part of the "signature" last time.

God Bomber. It's an assist unit that also can transforms into robot mode and also combine with the trailer. It is something like an Ultra Magnus if think about it.

To transform God Bomber to its robot mode, the parts has to dismantled and put it back together again in a different manner.
 Super Ginrai with God Bomber

The back of the trailer can also be turned into a base just like any other convoy trailers around with Ginrai at the controls~

GOD GINRAI! The size of God Ginrai is comparable to a masterpiece series and it is quite heavy as most of its weight comes from the truck front (cab) that is mostly die-cast.

Conclusion: Like all G1 transformers, it is meant to be displayed and not to be played with as the pegs and pins are hard to transform as it is quite fragile. A good edition to any transformers fans out there and a must have if one can find a reasonable price on todays market.

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  1. This can say to be my first reissued TF toy to mark my time of collecting toys. I loved the anime for the fact that a human merges with Prime as power master. I had handed it over to a good friend when I decided to gave up on collecting TF toys.