Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Toy (I Guess??)

We all have our first to everything. First book, first days, first allowance, first crush and not to mention, first toy (Quality toy that is XD). I can't really remember what my first is, but this is the closes to it.

I got this lovely but simply toy when I was around 3 or 4 (I cant really remember), when an aunt of mine came back from the states for work commitments. This toy came in bags of pieces and needs to be assembled. 
It's made from hard plastic and its very durable, which you can guess judging that I still have it in 1 piece =P. I can still remember throwing it onthe floor to submerging it in water. HAHAHA!

The made of this is from "Mic-o-mic", a German toy manufacturer. After some research online, I've found that this particular model is still available! Talk about all time favourite. Truly I am amazed by how a toy line can survive this long without getting discontinued. Btw, anyone saw this brand before? I never did saw it even once in Malaysia though.

And to add to the nostalgia all over again, I have found a video on their website showing a sample assembly process of the plane.


Finally, there is no place for an empty cockpit. So here we GO!

Till the next post!