Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shell Lego Ferrari 458 - Italia

A long long delayed post on my Shell Lego Collection!

Featuring this week is the Ferrari 458 Italia which was charted into the Ferrari hierarchy in 2009. Although, released as a replacement for the outgoing F430, it has a completely new design with much more advance technologies harnessed from its success in Formula 1. 

This lego model is molded in yellow rather than the Ferrari's signature red. Too many reds make the world dull I guess? 

This model is the only in the whole series which shows its "Engines" through the back windscreen.. The lights' placement are spot on (in Lego terms) and its "exhaust pipes" accurately shows the 3 mufflers from the original design. For those who are interested in the real thing, proceed to this link. XD

Designs aside, this Ferrari model actually won many accolades such as:
1. BBC Top Gear Car of the Year 2009
2. BBC Top Gear Supercar of the Year
3. CAR Magazine Performance Car of the Year 2010
4. Motor Trend Best Driver's Car 2011 
and many more~

The only drawback of this supercar is that.. Justin Bieber owns one...... =(

With that said, here are more pictures of the Lego! Enjoy!

The real thing~~

And for you motorheads, A comparison between the 430 and the 458 by Top Gear UK!


Till the next post!!