Friday, November 9, 2012

Walt Disney Company Acquisitions

Walt Disney..
If there's anything to describe the company, these few words really do.

As you all have already or saw on the internet, Disney has recently acquired Lucasfilm. I've seen lots of comments regarding that, mainly 9gag, but lets try to be fair; how many Disney owned studios actually produces sucky movies? From the mind map that I've created above, it just shows a few of the "Big Names" that have been acquired by Disney throughout the years.

Animation, movies, sports, drama, you name it, they own it. It does make sense if you're a big corporate company and wanted to expand as there's no wrong in it if they dont neglect it.

The biggest "HOT" issue at the moment, how will Star Wars 7,8,9 will fair when Disney make it? What I can tell you is that it's not gonna be a failure for sure. Let's be honest, how many of you dont like Iron Man, Thor or the Avengers? They are all fun-filled adventure films that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Now lets look at in another direction; the "What IF". Let's say Disney one day decides to purchase these Brands below, they will official own my Childhood. HAHA! =D

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Out from Hiatus!

Hello readers!

I know, i know... Where is this guy? Suffering the trend of impulse blogging? Or just out of it?
Well... I should say both of it and other factors.

Lots have happen in between and my life has been a transition as well. From getting As to paying rents and utilities by MYSELF. haha!
Purchase of new toys and collectables has also slowed but not zero as to new commitments.
Hint* Buy Strategically!

Enough of the rants!
The collection world has not slowed down since I've left this blog while it grows some fungus and vermins. Gundams have gone from mature main characters to children and tranformers has shrunk in size and material (lots of holes for unseen parts). But of course their technology have been improving and I hope the QC issues as well.
As for the SH Figuarts and Super Chogokin series, I really appreciate that they are bringing back the super sentai series from the past and make it accessible for the "grown up" kids from their era. 
Robot Damashis on the other hand are getting more expensive and getting our from my range. Has the quality improved (anyone???)

That's all from me for now. And till the next post!