Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam Review Part 1

The wait is over! And the next figure to be presented in this blog is going to be the Robot Damashii variation of GN-006 Cherudim Gundam from the series Gundam 00 Season 2. This gundam is piloted by Lyle Dylandy, the brother of the original long range attack suit, Neil Dylandy from season 1 (both known as Lockon Stratos).

Cherudim serves as an upgrade for Dynames with better long range rifle which can be switched to a short range beam gun. With the GN pistols II which can be interchanged becoming beam axes. With its Rifle Bits (controlled by Haro) which acts as a shield and attack drones, this is some what similar to those "fin funnels" used by Nu Gundam.

The articulation in this figure is very agile, however, the parts (especially the rifle bits) may be a hindrance when posing the gundam due to its tendency to fall off.. The side skirts of the figure also hinders the movement when kneeling. Overall, its still a very fun figure to play with especially if you have extra stands and parts from the Robot Damashii Qan (T), it will be fun to pose its rifle bits in action mode. Part 2 of this review will feature the rifle bits and aerial poses. Till then, "Cherudim Gundam, Lockon Stratos, Targeted and Firing!"