Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Here and Back AGAIN!!


It's been almost a whole year since my last blog post! Time really flies when you're working huh. 
Oh well... I never thought this blog would be dead for so long and this time I will make sure it stays active!! 

And as a return factor, A FIRST FINISHED GUNPLA is COMING SOON! It took me 2 years, yes 2 YEARS to finish this one gunpla. Laziness and work really does have an effect but I LAZINESS is definitely on TOP!

Sneak peek at the back. hehe...

Well, I'm not totally out from the toy collection world as my collection is still growing (and burning money) even though I'm not active in blogging for the past year. With so many hit animes and comic book adaptations hitting cinemas, keeping in mind TF4: AOE, there are always no short of new toys and collections to be added. 

I'm also in the mist of setting back up my DIY light box for figure photography (amateur and lag of a proper camera), which can be seen in previous postings such as LINK 1. The old one is discarded after I left my studies and I dont have one since... T_T.
**All pictures featured in this posting is taken via IPhone 5**

I think her star has faded.. Cruel...
With that, I will conclude this short posting/update and be back with a proper post.

Till the next post!!