Friday, June 17, 2011

AMX-004 Qubeley (SD Gundam Next Vol. 2)

AMX-004 Qubeley is a mobile suit specially built for Newtypes that was featured in both Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam. It has the Psycommu system which only can be fully utilized by Newtypes however it was portrayed as the antagonist mobile suit (somehow the baddies have more "fin funnels" in all gundam series). Qubeley is piloted by ace pilot Haman Karn during the Gryps Conflict and First Neo Zeon War.

I got this little fella from my friend who went Taiwan for holidays and this was a souvenir! It's gotta be my best souvenir that i have received in years! XD

I rule all of you....

*Que Kick!!*

I'm indeed quite stunned when i open the *egg* as i didnt expect any articulation from this little fella, and its not bad!! both arms and legs are movable and so are his waist and head. SDs sure have grown a lot in recent times... even in Gashapon!