Thursday, December 13, 2012

BB Gundam Wing Zero Custom

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. This movie for me is the best gundam movie out there at the moment (no offence you UC fans =p) The animation and graphics during that period is great and there are no repeat scenes which is made famous by Gundam Seed. No kudos for them for that. HAHA.

All BB gundams are cute without a doubt (even a GM) but not all have the "wow" factor and this particular one definitely have. The details provided are sufficient and with a little work it will look great.

As for this model, I've painted some parts and applied decals from the MG version which I also have tucked in my display cabinet. No outing for him yet though. =p
The antennas are sharpened repainted gold as I felt the yellow colour is a bit pale. Other than that, mostly are still base colours with a pearl clear finishing.

Not great finishing, but then who cares. =p

The pearl finish effect clearly seen here. ^^

Some action shots (sort of):

Overall, the designs for this BB is still more towards the old fashion BBs which have a shorter torso and legs as compared to the new BBs. It is nice to display in a cabinet but the play value is significantly little. If your're looking for a more modern BB for gundam wing, you can get the BB Gundam Wing EW. However, I really do hope they re-release this particular one in the new "format".

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Premier!

My first movie premier screening!!! ****Screams in excitement****

Alright calm down SL, calm down... ok, back to the post. 
Yesterday was my first premier movie screening in my life and the movie was Wreck-It Ralph which really brings back memories from the old days due to both the subtle and enigmatic characters that were featured in the movie. My ticket was courtesy from a fellow blogger, Miss BurungHantu.
*Tickets were distributed by Nuffnang*

Synopsis/Review/SPOILER (Please turn away now if you know what I mean =p!)

The movie revolve around the title character, Ralph which is the bad guy in the game "Fix-It Felix Jr". Well as the world of video games in an arcade goes, they are actually a one big family and both the good and bad guys really don't bash each other up after the arcade closes or game ends. Which in case is good! but reality starts to kick in whereby the bad guys are rather marginalized compared to the "Heros" of the game.. =(

Some bad characters takes their role as it is and doesn't care about it as it is "coded" into them. Ralph is tired being the bad guy or I would say he is lonely as no one in his game care about him and this brought him to leave his game and venture out to the other games (yes they have a superhighway that carries them between arcade game worlds) to win himself a "Hero's medal" that is only awarded to "Heros" of the game.

He sucker-punched an infantry from the game, "Hero's Duty" in the attempt to get himself a medal. This is where all troubles and adventure starts. By attempting to get a medal, Ralph accidentally brought a virus (Cy-bug) from that game into another game "Sugar Rush". Here, he meets an out of water character from the game known as Vanellope. Vanellope loves to race but she was considered a glitch in the game and is forbidden by "King Candy" to race. As both felt cast out in their respective games, they decided to help each other (though after some disagreements and fortitude) to obtain their goals. In the meantime, the commander from Hero's Duty, Calhoun and Felix (the protagonist) from Fix-It Felix Jr. came to Sugar Rush to hunt down those Cy-bugs and find Ralph. But danger was looming underneath the sugar-encrusted land....

All's well above with Ralph and Vanellope training their way into the race competition, the Cy-bug was happily multiplying and playing to devour Sugar Rush as we know it! Before the actual race can begin, King Candy met Ralph with a value preposition (and lies) with the condition that Vanellope does not get to race. Ralph fell for it and destroyed Vanellope's race car that they built together for the most gut-wrenching moment of the movie. Venellope was thrown into the "Fun-geon" where Felix is captured as well.

After the truth is revealed, both Vanellope and Felix is saved from the Fun-geon by Ralph. Vanellope gets to start the race while Ralph and Felix cheer her on. A peaceful race is inevitable as the Cy-bugs came roaring out from the ground and start wrecking havoc on Sugar Rush. It is then revealed that King Candy is actually "Turbo" who is a sore-loser win it all racer from an old game, "Turbo-Tastic" and the reason Vanellope is kept in the cold is because she is the actual Queen of the game. Turbo is later consumed by a Cy-bug but the world of Sugar Rush is fast being destroyed. Ralph decides to sacrifice himself in order to save the world of Sugar Rush by attempting to create a volcanic eruption (of coke and mentos!) to sway the swarm of Cy-bugs as they are attracted to the light. Just before Ralph feel into the volcano, he is saved by Vanellope and watched together as the Cy-bugs get destroyed from the eruption.

After all the mess, Vanellope finally crosses the finish line of the race and managed to reset the game which restores the order and memories of all its inhabitants. Ralph and the rest bids goodbye to Sugar Rush returned to their respective games but with everyones attitude towards him changed.. for the better!

*The plot summary above focuses mostly on Ralph and there may be missing elements that is not mentioned. Please watch it for the full plot!* =p

Overall, it is a very fun movie to watch and shouldn't be missed, especially if you've played or encountered all the retro games of our time. With that, here's a trailer of the movie. ENJOY!!


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Monday, November 26, 2012

Shell Lego Ferrari - 150 Italia

Ferrari 150 Italia.
The first of many to come. =D

Before we start the post, here's a short bio on this little gem from Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari's Racing Division). The 150 Italia is born for the 2011 Formula 1 season and its "150" designation is mainly to represent the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. In truth, this model never really reached its potential and fell far behind Red Bull's Renault for much of the time during the season.

Getting these little Ferraris from Shell isn't that easy for starters. Many places are sold out within a few days! Anyone else faces this problem in your region? From my point of view, these might be due to people just getting it as it is cheap for a Lego of this size nowadays at RM12.90.. or I could be wrong. =p

The Package:

These are all the parts provided. Not many as you've imagined as some are casted into larger pieces together (to save cost I presume). 

The manual is very simple and easy to follow. I love the decal (stickers) that they provided as they are of quality and the attention to detail is there.

The model:

The overall shape and ratio of the F1 car is acceptable for a Lego of this price range; not to mention it's an official Ferrari certified product. The build is also solid as one would expect from a Lego (or is it?); I actually have not bought a Lego product for more than 10 years now. HAHA!

The details:

Detailed RIMS! (for its range)

In truth they could have given more decals or stickers to add to the aesthetics of the car, but then I would say it is justified for the price I've paid. Besides the "blue driver" provided, they actually give another driver which is green, so one can actually have 2 of these to have a complete set. To further prove this point, if you look at the decal sheet, you will find that there is another front decal with the Number "5" which I didn't use. 

Overall, this is one of the models in this series that one shouldn't miss as it contains the soul of Ferrari in Formula 1. 

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coming soon to Toyrandomness!

Well I think no explanations required. :D

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Speed Stars Optimus Prime

Back from my holidays in my hometown and back to the everyday routine....
My first toy feature since forever~ Alright, lets get it started.

Speed Stars Optimus Prime from the movie series.
Why this and not the tomica die cast one may ask? Well, easy --> THE PRICE!
It may not have the trailer but it is still a worthwhile purchase for all prime lovers out there. With its (mostly) die cast parts and detailed parts, its definitely a good buy for me.

The size of this prime is roughly 3in which makes it around the size of a hot wheels automobile, however the quality is much better than the basic hot wheels series; can't compare it with the premium ones though.

The details for this little guy is really commendable as can be seen in the pictures that follow. The fire vinyls, gas tank, and rims are really well made and painted. The fire vinyls really impressed me as they are free from smudges and missed paints. Although the details on the exhaust and mufflers are there, its too bad that they are made from plastic if not it'd be even more badass!

The QC is also not a bother except for the scratches on the wheel arches. All models at the place where I scour this are unfortunately damages at the same location. Does anyone else suffer this btw?

Evenly painted vinyl on the roof!

Nice vinyl on the sides but ugly QC =(

Very detailed RIMS!

At both ends. =)

Steps and tank are well detailed for its size
The downside for this is the "transformation" to robot mode which is utterly ugly! They could have just part ways with this gimmick which will make the figure much more perfect and save additional cost as well.

Autobots, TRANSFORM and ROLL OUT!  
Overall, this is a good addition to all prime collectors out there and I strongly recommend this compared to its pricier Tomica cousin (no offence to Tomica is intended. =p)

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Walt Disney Company Acquisitions

Walt Disney..
If there's anything to describe the company, these few words really do.

As you all have already or saw on the internet, Disney has recently acquired Lucasfilm. I've seen lots of comments regarding that, mainly 9gag, but lets try to be fair; how many Disney owned studios actually produces sucky movies? From the mind map that I've created above, it just shows a few of the "Big Names" that have been acquired by Disney throughout the years.

Animation, movies, sports, drama, you name it, they own it. It does make sense if you're a big corporate company and wanted to expand as there's no wrong in it if they dont neglect it.

The biggest "HOT" issue at the moment, how will Star Wars 7,8,9 will fair when Disney make it? What I can tell you is that it's not gonna be a failure for sure. Let's be honest, how many of you dont like Iron Man, Thor or the Avengers? They are all fun-filled adventure films that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Now lets look at in another direction; the "What IF". Let's say Disney one day decides to purchase these Brands below, they will official own my Childhood. HAHA! =D