Thursday, July 21, 2011

Himura Kenshin Gashapon

After a range of mecha/robot reviews, lets head back to the figures for some fresh faces~
Introducing Himura Kenshin from the series Rurouni Kenshin or better known to many of us as Samurai X. Rurouni Kenshin is a manga (which eventually went into anime) is story about the title character, Himura Kenshin who was an assassin by the name of "Hitokiri Battosai" but after the end of the "Bakamatsu War", he decided to atone for his sins by helping people in need. With the help of his friends Kaoru, Sanosuke and Yahiko, they brought down assassins and evil politicians alike.

Moving on to the figure, this gashapon stands just around 3cm tall and cost 200yen . It's more to a handphone strap than an actual gashapon, as you can see the dangling piece on his head. In this line of Rurouni Kenshin gashapons, there are two types of Kenshin which is dressed either in his traditional red/maroon and blue, of which i got the latter.

"Made in China! (well of course...) ^^

A little smudge but for a gashapon, its really fine

His Hakama (pants) is pretty well detailed

Overall, the paintjob is decent for a gashapon an its details are quite good for a 200yen line of gashapons. It can't be displayed standing on its own though because of the dangling line but with a help of a little blue tag, it can be displayed just fine. A worthwhile collection for fans of the series out there. A respectable 7.5/10.

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Till then folks!! ^^