Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Collection Part 1

Just a filler post just before the review of Jetwing Optimus Prime which is now under construction due to my incompetency in transforming that darn leader class dude. ^^

I've been collecting or should i say "playing" with toys since 1995/96 somewhere around there though of the earlier toys have been destroyed in the process of coming of age by yours truely~ The picture above is my display cabinet in my hometown (living room) up in the Pearl of the Orient. Most of the toys that i'm gonna share with you all in this post is my older toys which are located in my hometown. Dont worry new ones will be featured as well in the future.

*There might be some discrepancies in the detailed pics compared to the main photo due to different times of photos taken*

My collection Power Ranger toys which are the oldest lot of all and of which started it all for me~ ^^

Remember Cybercop?? I had two of the main characters which are Red and White. 


I started out my transformers since the G1s starting to show in national television and a handful of them got destroyed in the process! I have parts of devastator, seaspray, I think and other combiners which I’ve totally forgotten about. When I reach the time when I appreciated more of the toys I’ve bought, transformers already reached the beast wars stage and as you can see below.




I noe he's outta place~ XD

Another out of place guy~

They are from the cabinet in my room below:

Hot Wheels/ Cars/Trucks:

Most of the toys in these photos below are "shelved out" due to space constraints. =(

Radio Control Cars:

4x4 Racing cars on tracks ? I've totally forgot their series names. ^^


This is all my toys for now. I hope there are toys that are featured which will come of interest to different types of collectors and genders. ^^
That's all folks and more toys from my current location will surely come to this blog in the near future~