Sunday, April 24, 2011

MP-01L Convoy Final Edition Review (Part 1)

Hi all! After a teaser posted a few days ago, here is the review of MP-01L Convoy Last Edition. Well, the term "Final Edition" from Takara doesn't live long enough to justify its name, as MP-10 Convoy Version 2 is coming out soon!! MP-01L is after all MP-01 in its mold and everything, except for the "sound stage" base which have the voice of the original seiyuu for the transformers (Japan Version of course). Obtaining this version made my dream of finally owning a proper G1 Optimus Prime come true as i did not have the means to obtain one of these when they first came out...
On this first part of the review, only the vehicle mode will be in the mix as i would like to keep the robot mode for part 2. ^^

The details on the masterpiece series are just mind bobbling!
even the wipers are accurately coloured

The headlamps

One of the design features i loved the most are the tires and suspensions ^^


Part 2 of the review can be found here.


  1. Man! It's like scale up G1 Optimus Prime with great detail even in vehicle mode. Some nice chrome on the toy and hurry up transform it! Ha! Ha!

  2. yup! the chrome is beautiful on this one, very very little chip marks. ^^
    It'll be up soon dude~ hehe