Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MP-01L Convoy Final Edition Review (Part 2)

Part 2 of the review has come! This part of the review will primarily focus on the robot mode of MP-01L Convoy/ G1 Optimus Prime. At first look, this bulky piece of metal cum plastics seem to have little articulations and mainly for display purposes. But how wrong was I..... XD

Its articulations are actually very decent for a figure this size and weight and i'm quite surprised by its mobility and action gimmicks. Its joints are also very sturdy but not too hard like some transformers figures out there especially those leader class ones. And the details? Well, as equally stunning as the vehicle mode of course! ^^

Visuals: Checked!

Arms: Checked!

Legs: Checked!

Communications: Checked!

Really love the details they put in for the communication systems as with the screen and buttons~

Action Shots!


The Matrix....

Overall, this figure is worth every penny i paid for with it vast details and gimmicks that allows me to play with. However, this figure that i've got is considered "lucky" by the toy store owner that i usually go to as it have very few nubmarks and scratches on the metal and chrome parts. A really recommended figure but a version 2 is coming and lets see what have they done to improve this figure of such excellence. Hmm......


  1. Congrats. I always wanted a G1 mastergrade MP-01 but never get to own one mainly because of budget. If I am not wrong, this is the hasbro version right? Not TakaraTomy.

  2. I find the flap up communication gadget and Matrix storage fascinating. Bro, your photography skill has improved a lot too! The kneeling down shot is well taken.

  3. @Leon: Nope, its the recently released TakaraTomy vrsion. ^^

    @Katsuden: Thanks a lot bro! shots were taken by my tiny ixus 80IS. hehe

  4. This really brings back memories of the cartoon which I watched as a kid way back XD

  5. @gundamgunso: It sure does bro!

  6. Then I think this is the final released of MP01. You are so lucky. I missed the boat already. LOL

  7. not to worry bro. 2nd version is coming. but priced at a whopping 22000yen!