Thursday, November 10, 2011

What IF?? Gundam x Nendoroid!!

After some time... blogs that feature reviews bout toys and their capabilities do get a bit boring...

SO! This is gonna be a fun post from me featuring MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka and Nendoroid Miku Hatsune HMO Ver. Photos are taken by a friend and Wing Gundam from another although Miku is from yours truly ~ ^^

It all started when Wing Gundam was having some timeout from those epic space fights that make Heero Yui... erm... Heero Yui! All of a sudden, Miku comes around and makes him bow?? Hmm....
Moving on......

Poor "Wingy" followed Miku wherever she went there after...

While on the guitar..
Yeah we know she's the main cast here... XD

On the piano....
Paying Attention to some Miku tunes~


Basking in the sun is good for the green hair and skin care according to Miku.

Miku: Hey Wingy, u sure look like a Decepticon from here~
Wingy: Huh?? But im the good guy!
Miku: Noooo.. Look at it yourself below~
Wingy: =.=|||

Wingy: I give up...
Miku: XD

With a twitch from Miku's leek, It's now snowing~

After a long day outdoors, Wingy fell asleep on the floor (exhausted...) with a sweat look from Miku~


And she's back on the outdoors doing what she does best!

At the end of the day, Wingy and Miku enjoyed a beautiful sunset with their new/FORCED friendship in hand~~ ^^

Staying with the tune of Miku, here's a video from Miku Hatsune singing World is Mine~ Enjoy!!

Till the nex post!!~

Friday, November 4, 2011

Titanus from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Hi all! After a long break (again!), this time im bringing back some old memories with the latest retro toy from the Power Rangers Series. As the title holds, Titanus is a carrier zord for the Power Rangers with the ability to combine with the other Zords (Megazord and Dragonzord) to form the Ultrazord. Besides being able to combine, Titanus also has its attack mode for which can blast cannons from its uplifted tail and from its mouth.

It has been with me for about 15 years so the plastics are starting to yellow out if you seen it for real. Photos can really hide the truth. ^^

What I like most of the Titanus are those red glowing eyes. They are so menacing and kinda make it looks more like a baddy than a goodie-2-shoe. Too bad they didnt include led lights up for this beast during that time.

 Really looks like Brachiosaurus from this angle doesnt it?

Titanus attack mode!

Titanus is also able to walk on its own with the help of batteries and its cannons can waver up and down which is real cool! Watch it from its commercial below>>>

It's really a big and chunky toy to have with nostalgic values embedded though only for us young adults as i don't think the new generation even know what is this anymore~ =p
Till the next post!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malaysia International Toys Fair 2011 (Transformers)

Another long lay-off from blogging but I'm inching back again guys! ^^

During the weekend, i visited the Malaysia International Toys Fair 2011 held in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from the 9th to the 11th of September 2011. Although the fair isn't as big as i expected after all the fuzz, but it's still worth a visit if you're in town. There are lots of mechas and figures on display, and Transformers has one of the largest portion of the display goods. Dooodolls, designer toys like Mongar Toys and Mafia Factory, Hotwheels, and games. I'm a bit disappointed with the fact that there are lag of Scaled figures and Mecha toys from makers such as Bandai, Kotobukiya and Yamato featuring their toys. 

Without talking any further here, please enjoy the 1st set of photos featuring Transformers!