Monday, November 19, 2012

Speed Stars Optimus Prime

Back from my holidays in my hometown and back to the everyday routine....
My first toy feature since forever~ Alright, lets get it started.

Speed Stars Optimus Prime from the movie series.
Why this and not the tomica die cast one may ask? Well, easy --> THE PRICE!
It may not have the trailer but it is still a worthwhile purchase for all prime lovers out there. With its (mostly) die cast parts and detailed parts, its definitely a good buy for me.

The size of this prime is roughly 3in which makes it around the size of a hot wheels automobile, however the quality is much better than the basic hot wheels series; can't compare it with the premium ones though.

The details for this little guy is really commendable as can be seen in the pictures that follow. The fire vinyls, gas tank, and rims are really well made and painted. The fire vinyls really impressed me as they are free from smudges and missed paints. Although the details on the exhaust and mufflers are there, its too bad that they are made from plastic if not it'd be even more badass!

The QC is also not a bother except for the scratches on the wheel arches. All models at the place where I scour this are unfortunately damages at the same location. Does anyone else suffer this btw?

Evenly painted vinyl on the roof!

Nice vinyl on the sides but ugly QC =(

Very detailed RIMS!

At both ends. =)

Steps and tank are well detailed for its size
The downside for this is the "transformation" to robot mode which is utterly ugly! They could have just part ways with this gimmick which will make the figure much more perfect and save additional cost as well.

Autobots, TRANSFORM and ROLL OUT!  
Overall, this is a good addition to all prime collectors out there and I strongly recommend this compared to its pricier Tomica cousin (no offence to Tomica is intended. =p)

Till the next post!~


  1. HEHE... nice start !!! this is indeed good both for diecast and Tranformers collectors... i have seen some models made by Hasbro and most of them are very well done but as you, seriously i don’t like the character molded below in the chassis, it’s is unnecessary and that money could be better invested in the chromed finish for the exhaust, tanks and wheels... i didn’t know about the Tomica version, but this brand is not my cup of coffee anyway, since is very expensive here and the level of detail is very disappointing =/

  2. @Chris: For tomica, here the price is so-so but then what we get is not really what we paid for. HAHA!

  3. I'm not sure if its from the same series but my son has ratchet. Nice discast car collection and like you had mentioned, it would be more perfect if the exhaust and area near front bumper were chromed.

  4. There are actually 2 identical series. If it is not this series, it might well be from the "Transformers RPM" series. =D