Saturday, April 27, 2013

CubeeCraft GN-001 Gundam Exia

Back to what this blog is all about, TOYS!! Yes, I've here and there and not concentrating enough on toys on this blog in the past months. Why? Maybe it's due to the change in pace in my life.. Student life to working life? It surely does changes some thoughts, especially the spending part. HAHAHAHA!

Alrighty then, let's GET BACK TO WORK!

This time around, I'll be posting something that is mecha but its FREE. This is one of the collection of the papercraft series by CubeeCraft. One can download the paper cut out of various types of characters, ranging from American cartoons, games to Japanese Anime. The details included in the paper cutouts are quite stunning and really does a good job in reproducing the signature features and gimmicks from the original characters. The blueprint of the papercraft will look something like this after download.
Picture taken from

This papercraft is actually my first and its given to me by my friend and fellow blogger, MissBurungHantu. With Gundam Exia being one of my favourite gundams around (the gundam which I have the most variant XD), I believe it has earns its rights to feature as my debut papercraft! though i never designed, download, cut or even  fold it.  OH YEAH~~~~

Moving on~
The quality of paper used is a very important factor in papercraft as it will define the output of the design. A thick type of paper is recommended as it will be more sturdy in the long run and easy to fold into shape. As for the paper texture, it will be entirely up to the collector as plain paper and textured paper will offer different visual impressions. Gundam Exia in this post features a textured paper and you can decide yourself on your own taste. My next papercraft will definitely use a plain paper for me to see the difference between the 2.

Not to bore you with more rambles and scrambles, LETS MOVE ON TO THE PICTURES!

The colours used to illustrate the papercraft are vibrant and refreshing to the eyes. Of cos the quality of the printing matters as well~ One thing good that papercraft gundams or any characters would never have is PAINT SMUDGES like all the collectable figures out there no matter the price range.  

Some detail shots~

Words blurred due to the use of textured paper

GN Drive or Caudal Fin?

GN Sword - Lazy to attach. =p

Overall, I think papercrafts are interesting and its a much cheaper alternative to collect your favourite characters. Though they may be a bit flimsy, but  who actually touch and play with their precious collectables frequently? 

Till the next post!