Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dooodolls: Orange Butch

Alright, this blog may feature mechas and figures in general, but its gonna be a special post today as i'll be posting on a plush! And not any other plush but a plush series from Dooodolls! Dooodolls is a Malaysian company that makes outrages looking plushes from characters that seems to come from the templates of Monster's Inc and certain cartoons in cartoon network. It's a collectable nonetheless as there are available in all the horoscopes and many more characters that are original and unique. There are also limited editions that comes out from time to time which can cost quite a LOT. XD

As for Orange Butch, here are his "details" from
1. Taurus
2. About me: Grr... dont mess with me!
3. Hobby: Eating chilli padi.
4. Ability: By barking or farting, Orange Butch can turn his enemies into stone for 10 seconds.

These are sure lots of details for a plush! and they are available for each character as well!

Overall, it's a very "Cute" guy i would say, and looks MENACING hanging in my car! HAHA!
Till the next post~!