Thursday, November 10, 2011

What IF?? Gundam x Nendoroid!!

After some time... blogs that feature reviews bout toys and their capabilities do get a bit boring...

SO! This is gonna be a fun post from me featuring MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka and Nendoroid Miku Hatsune HMO Ver. Photos are taken by a friend and Wing Gundam from another although Miku is from yours truly ~ ^^

It all started when Wing Gundam was having some timeout from those epic space fights that make Heero Yui... erm... Heero Yui! All of a sudden, Miku comes around and makes him bow?? Hmm....
Moving on......

Poor "Wingy" followed Miku wherever she went there after...

While on the guitar..
Yeah we know she's the main cast here... XD

On the piano....
Paying Attention to some Miku tunes~


Basking in the sun is good for the green hair and skin care according to Miku.

Miku: Hey Wingy, u sure look like a Decepticon from here~
Wingy: Huh?? But im the good guy!
Miku: Noooo.. Look at it yourself below~
Wingy: =.=|||

Wingy: I give up...
Miku: XD

With a twitch from Miku's leek, It's now snowing~

After a long day outdoors, Wingy fell asleep on the floor (exhausted...) with a sweat look from Miku~


And she's back on the outdoors doing what she does best!

At the end of the day, Wingy and Miku enjoyed a beautiful sunset with their new/FORCED friendship in hand~~ ^^

Staying with the tune of Miku, here's a video from Miku Hatsune singing World is Mine~ Enjoy!!

Till the nex post!!~


  1. someone has a lot of free time here... yeah, i mean you and your friends =PPPPP... by the way, we (toy collectors) cannot avoid to talk about our toys’ capabilities (we have egos and in some cases, like mine, alter egos as well) so, again =PPPPP... sometimes, some toys (is rhyming ??? XD) inspire me stories (a sort of my own Toy Story) enough to create a photo cartoon but sometimes not, anyway they always have a story behind them and i’m not justifying (yeah, whatever =PPPPP)... i hope not to bore you (LOL and LOL again)


    it was a nice story pal.. maybe someday i will make some outdoor photoshoot but i think it may attract too much attention and i’m already too weird... XD

  2. @Chris: Thanks for the compliment dude! ^^
    picture stories/comics do release stress and bring our young minds out for a walk again. LOL

  3. These are great outdoor shots! I love it. You are a Miku fan too?

  4. Indeed, it's a lot more interesting at times to do something different other than normal toy review, the studio like way, all year round. You have done well with inserts of some event coverages and outdoor pics. It's refreshing and nice pics there with effect. Cheers!

  5. @Leon: THanks! But all credits are to my friend who took them. I love her figures but the songs, not really. haha!

    @Katsuden: Thanks! Outdoor shots are unique as environments change. All effects are done by my friend too. I'm just responsible for the words and arrangement. XD

  6. <3ley