Sunday, November 4, 2012

Out from Hiatus!

Hello readers!

I know, i know... Where is this guy? Suffering the trend of impulse blogging? Or just out of it?
Well... I should say both of it and other factors.

Lots have happen in between and my life has been a transition as well. From getting As to paying rents and utilities by MYSELF. haha!
Purchase of new toys and collectables has also slowed but not zero as to new commitments.
Hint* Buy Strategically!

Enough of the rants!
The collection world has not slowed down since I've left this blog while it grows some fungus and vermins. Gundams have gone from mature main characters to children and tranformers has shrunk in size and material (lots of holes for unseen parts). But of course their technology have been improving and I hope the QC issues as well.
As for the SH Figuarts and Super Chogokin series, I really appreciate that they are bringing back the super sentai series from the past and make it accessible for the "grown up" kids from their era. 
Robot Damashis on the other hand are getting more expensive and getting our from my range. Has the quality improved (anyone???)

That's all from me for now. And till the next post!


  1. Man! You have been missing for almost a year bro! Glad to hear that you are still hanging there and made a statement for an official comeback. You know, I'm a bit lonely blogging missing you guys.

  2. changes, changes, changes... everybody runs out of money lately (me too...) welcome back man !!! hope to see you continuing with this madness... =)

  3. @Katsuden: HAHAHA! Dont worry bro, I'm back and i'm staying! Btw, thanks for still maintaining me in ur list. =p

    @Chris: Thanks bro. And also being so supportive as I've been away for sooooo longgggggg. =D