Monday, November 26, 2012

Shell Lego Ferrari - 150 Italia

Ferrari 150 Italia.
The first of many to come. =D

Before we start the post, here's a short bio on this little gem from Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari's Racing Division). The 150 Italia is born for the 2011 Formula 1 season and its "150" designation is mainly to represent the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. In truth, this model never really reached its potential and fell far behind Red Bull's Renault for much of the time during the season.

Getting these little Ferraris from Shell isn't that easy for starters. Many places are sold out within a few days! Anyone else faces this problem in your region? From my point of view, these might be due to people just getting it as it is cheap for a Lego of this size nowadays at RM12.90.. or I could be wrong. =p

The Package:

These are all the parts provided. Not many as you've imagined as some are casted into larger pieces together (to save cost I presume). 

The manual is very simple and easy to follow. I love the decal (stickers) that they provided as they are of quality and the attention to detail is there.

The model:

The overall shape and ratio of the F1 car is acceptable for a Lego of this price range; not to mention it's an official Ferrari certified product. The build is also solid as one would expect from a Lego (or is it?); I actually have not bought a Lego product for more than 10 years now. HAHA!

The details:

Detailed RIMS! (for its range)

In truth they could have given more decals or stickers to add to the aesthetics of the car, but then I would say it is justified for the price I've paid. Besides the "blue driver" provided, they actually give another driver which is green, so one can actually have 2 of these to have a complete set. To further prove this point, if you look at the decal sheet, you will find that there is another front decal with the Number "5" which I didn't use. 

Overall, this is one of the models in this series that one shouldn't miss as it contains the soul of Ferrari in Formula 1. 

Till the next post!~


  1. i haven’t done my research yet, but i think they could be available and there are no so many "sharks" out there... this Formula is cute and nicely detailed, the stickers of LEGO are the standard of the industry, very few companies manufacture this kind of stuff this good... =)

  2. @Chris: Icic. I've "ditched" Lego for too long maybe thats why I've lost track of how good they actually are. HAHA

  3. I think the pricing is very reasonable for LEGO for a toy with high collective value and that would appeals to more F1 or Ferrari fans. It would a lot nicer if the blue piece is replaced with a helmet head, don't you think?