Friday, October 29, 2010

Robot Damashii 00 Qan (T) Review

A review on the just released Robot Damashii Qan (T) can be seen on Type97

 The proportions on this model is spot on as usual for robot damashii releases. Standard hand options are provided and even the "rings" to put its gn sword bits. Too bad a Stage Act stand is not provided to put the rings in place.

 GN drive #1
 The "pegs" used here are an improvement from the Robot Damashii 00 Gundam 7 Swords to provide better arculation
 Tilted hands are given to hold the GN sword V in rifle mode. However, only the right hand option is given.

 GN Drive #2

 Quantum System Activated!

 Here are the "rings" that i mentioned earlier. ^.^ For me, this is kinda the selling point for this release as the HG and even the MG does not have this gimmick.
 GN Field
 GN Sword Bit attack mode!

 GN bits can also turn to beam sabers and controlled by quantum brain waves
 GN Buster Sword
 The GN Sword V would require part swapping to enable it to produce the Buster Sword and Buster Rifle modes
 GN Buster Rifle

Released, 3500yen
Source: Type 97 Blog

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