Saturday, October 30, 2010

Robot Damashii Evangelion EVA-02 "The Beast" 2nd form Review

Here's a review of Robot Damashii Evangelion EVA-02 "The Beast" 2nd form taken from AmiAmi Blog

One of the weird-ess poses i've seen on a box yet! LOL
The first impression of this figure already shows its gooey and disgusting (i dont mean ugly, its just.. er.. well u noe wat i mean)
 Some effort have to be done to attach the "plugs" from its runners
 RAWR! #1

 RAWR!! #2
 I would call this pose dynamic now, would you??
 RAWR!!! #3

 The articulation on this model is just awesome and can put its revoltech cousin a run for its money

Not much weapons provided.. wait! There's none~ The articulation for this figure is just cool and i think it has one of the most unique articulation in the robot damashii for now. The diorama sets provided can be a good display however they look kinda plasticity. Overall a unique design for an Evangelion mecha that can actually be displayed together with Jason, Freddy and co. XD

Release: 30th Oct 2010, 3500yen
Source: AmiAmi Blog, Tamashii Web

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