Monday, October 25, 2010

GFF Metal Composite #1007 0 Gundam Review

This review of the limited GFF Metal Composite #1007 0 Gundam is done by Gamu-toys
This repaint of the 0 gundam mirrors the repaint of the RX-78 Ver Casval's Customize from 2008. From the monotone package to the price tag, it is very much similar and the frame too.

The weapons are fairly basic as 0 Gundam does not have much in its arsenal, but for a price of 8190yen, it is quite steep as compared to the old RX-78 metal composite which have more weapons and a fully transformable core fighter.

 I have a feeling this is the most dynamic pose that this model can provide as the frame used is already long overdue. Bandai seriously should design a new frame for its GFF Metal Composite line up in the next release.

Overall, i feel that this GFF is only meant for enthusiast only, as the GN particle which is the pulling point for the 0 Gundam Original Ver is missing.
Released, 8190yen

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