Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SH Figuarts Sailormoon Coming Soon!

After years of waiting, Sailormoon fans do cherish as your dully awaited action figure has arrived in the form of SH Figuarts for its 20th Anniversary!

Since its inception in 1991 in the form of a Bishojo type manga series, Sailormoon has enjoyed much of its success in the 1990s which eventually spawned an Anime series that stretches for 5 seasons. Later on, a live action series is made in 2003 (which lasted 1 season) but never did achieve the high ratings of the manga or the anime series. Since then, the Sailormoon franchiese has rather laid low and not much figures has been released by major toy makers as well, that is.. UNTIL NOW!

With SH Figuarts series taking the lead, I believe this will spawn the other Sailormoon characters as well. However I do feel that they will only be released as limited web items like the Dragon Ball series. =(

Sailormoon will come with her signature Moon Stick and Moon Tiara as well as 4 facial expressions. As from the promotional video below, Luna will also be included in the package.

Est. Release: August 2013
Price: 4410yen with Tax

Here is the promotional video posted by BandaiJP:


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