Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Collection Part 2

After a very long overdue, here is an update to my collection! Last posted in July 2011, since then I have hauled enough "goods and merchandise" to display them in a new cabinet. For those who have seen before my post here, you might notice some similar toys as they are relocated.

Not much as compared to other collectors out there, but I just thought of sharing (bloat) it anyway. HAHAHA!

I wouldn't talk much in this post as I will let the pictures do the talking. =P

No other transformers except Prime for me!
Prime Collection 1
Prime Collection 2

Random Gundams with "Guest Stars"

I'm still missing one more form of Gurren Lagann if one notices. =(
Gurren Lagann 
Pure Randomness

MMPR Megazords 1

Super Train Megazord!
One of the largest single combined Zords

The mother of all zords.
All the Megazords above have been moved from their original location as their new home is free from dust! And their replacement on the alter goes to~
There will definitely be a Part 3 in the books as I still have some that have yet to the light of day.

Till the next post!

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