Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FW Gundam Converge #1 Review

A review of FW Gundam Converge #1 can be seen on Hacchaka
 1. Gundam RX-78

2. Guncannon

3. Guntank

4. Gundam Exia

5. GN Flag Custom

6. Hyakushiki

Released, 368yen each
After looking through this review i'm kinda disappointed with the outcome of this series itself as the prototype images and the real thing is very far between. I'll show what i mean below~

The difference between them is quite big aren't they? Especially the Gundam Exia, the paintjob is just awful. Now I gotta feeling that the FW Gundam Converge #2 is not going to have the same impact as the 1st.


  1. There are some old school mecha here I will go for. But I cant buy seperately...

  2. u can try go on9 and search them after a while after their releases. There might be ppl that are willing to let go. ^^