Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bandai Fuji-Q Highland Limited Evangelion World EVA-Unit 01 Clear Colour Ver. New Images

Here are some new images of Bandai's Fuji-Q Highland Limited Evangelion World EVA-Unit 01 Clear Colour Ver. Fuji Q Highland is actually a theme park located in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. 

Release: 11th Dec 2010, 4200yen (With Tax)
Source: Cybergundam , Muso Photo Album


  1. this clear version is quite interesting but i already hav one movie version without assemble... it has a lot of decals !!! what a pity that i ran out of money, cuz i really wanted to get all the EVAs en HG: 00 (first collection figure owned, hehehe), 01 (already owned in movie version), 02 (pending to get), 03 (owned pending to assemble), 04 (owned pending to assemble) & 05 (pending to get)...

  2. from what i can see from the pictures (hopefully it does not deviate much =p) this kit looks awesome! however, being a limited kit in a theme park, the price is gonna skyrocket when available online. You should add it into ur collection if u hv the chance!