Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[EDITED3] Sci-Fi Revoltech 024 Iron Man Mark VI Teaser Shot (Added Magazine Scans and Release Info))

With its own japanese anime out, it's just a matter of time before a revoltech or a figma Iron Man comes out. And so it has.. XD
For me, its very pleasing to see that revoltech took the 1st step in bringing Iron Man to a high level of articulation dynamism with their custom revoltech joints. To tell the truth, any Hasbro Iron Man merchandise that has the name Iron Man on it does not do its counterpart any justice as we are all used to him doing all those aerodynamic stunts and moves which are unable to be reproduced in a figure form. So revoltech, show us what you got!

Release: 1st March 2011, 2850yen (Tax Included)
Source: Cybergundam, Toy World Forum, Muso Photo Album

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