Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Xovergen STC-GP Supreme Tactical Commander Grand Patriot Promotional Poster and Official Images

Third party Transformer maker, Xovergen has upped pre-orders for STC-GP Supreme Tactical Commander Grand Patriot. There are two versions up for grabs, namely the "normal" convoy red and green colour version. However, it is only sold in a set and with a whopping price tag of USD179.99 from Big Bad Toy Store
Contents of  the box will include:
1 figure 
- 1 trailer (transformable into base) 
- 2 fusion guns 
- 2 arm cannons 
- 2 exchangable heads 
- 1 matrix 
- 12 pages comic + instruction 

Release: Late Dec 2010, USD179.99 per set
Source: Seibertron.com


  1. this is the kind of TF/OP figures i like... the more weird, the more i like =).. but the price is a bit above of that i would pay for it =/

  2. these are those Primes that takara tomy and Hasbro could not think about. XD
    usually all third party TF are expensive. =(