Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uncle Loong Comics

Uncle Loong Comics is a comic book specially made for hobby collectors and fanatics alike. As mentioned in the recent post by Open the Toy, some, i would say most of the comic strips really happen to many hobby collectors out there. This comic strips can be read online through posts made by XL-Shop and if your in Malaysia, one could get it from the newstands for a compiled edition of the comics.

I bet this happens to all of us when we go in to a hobby shop without a target. XD

The checking of toys when its quite pricey.

All the things a collector would do for their toys..

Gattai!! HotToys style~~ LOL

This corner is for Uncle Loong and the author to relate some of their childhood experiences in the comic.

Overall i feel that actually holding the comic and read it gives more "feel" and satisfaction as compared to read it online and this is the only comic that i've ever read that talk around toys and jokes that collectors would feel true. However the only setback is there's only one volume at the moment...


  1. Hey that is very cool! It is in all English right? I don't think i can get in Singapore....

  2. yeah!! when i bought it i was like ok... then after reading it, it was so much fun! According to the comic, it did published in singapore so keep a look out for it! ^^

  3. I got to know Uncle Loong thru Leon as well. Didn't know there's actually hardcopy of comic.

  4. i too didnt know it existed till the end of last year. but its great! :D