Friday, March 4, 2011

Gunpla Expo 2011 at Fukuoka Photo and Video Report

Here are some photos from Gunpla Expo 2011 which is held at Fukuoka Parco 8F Parco factory from 3rd March till 21st March 2011. 

MG 1/100 00 Riser - Release: May 2011, 6825yen

HGUC 1/144 RGM-89De Jegan Ecoas Type - Release: April 2011, 1680yen

 Mega Size 1/48 Gunplas on Display

ANA x Gundam Sky Project Gunplas

Sample Works

Other Photos

MG 1/100 00 Riser Review:

A small video tour:

Source: Gunjap, Cybergundam, Gundam Guy


  1. Thx for bring this news to us! Now I have new kit to look forward too and it's HGUC 1/144 RGM-89De Jegan Ecoas!

  2. No probs bro. We all need to share what we all cherish. ^^
    It's been a long time since a dark toned GM popped up~