Friday, March 25, 2011

[EDITED] Upcoming Mecha (Non-Gundam) Products May Magazine Scans

Composite Ver. Ka Lancelot Albion - Released, 4000yen
Composite Ver. Ka Shinkirou - Released, 6090yen

Composite Ver. Ka Cybuster - Release: TBA

Tamashii Web Limited Robot Damashii (Side AS) Laevaetein XL-3 Booster - Release: July 2011, 3150yen

Tamashii Web Limited Robot Damashii (Side AS) Codar - Release: June 2011, 4200yen

Revoltech EVA Mark 06 - Prototype

Revoltech Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Shiranui Second Demonstrator Color - Release: TBA

Chogokin DX Macross F YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Alto Custom) - Release: June 2011, 17850yen

Tamashii Web Limited VF Hi-Metal VF-1 Valkyrie Super Parts - Release: July 2011, 2100yen

Super Robot Chogokin SRW Weibritter - Release: May 2011, 5040yen

Soul of Chogokin Space Emperor God Sigma - Release: TBA

Soul of Chogokin GX-59 Daltanious - Release: April 2011, 23100yen

Super Robot Chogokin Gear Fighter Dendoh and Knight Orge Data Weapon Set - Release: July 2011

Kotobukiya 1/10 Rockman Zero - Release: TBA

Kotobukiya D-Style Zoids RZ-28 Blade Liger - Release: Aug 2011

Kotobukiya D-Style Armored Core Aaliyah - Release: Oct 2011
*All prices include 5% tax*

Source: Cybergundam, Mecha Guy, Muso Photo Album

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