Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cyberverse Optimus Prime AWP Review Part 2

As the Part 1 review featured here shows only Optimus Prime without its trailer, this part of the review will be focused on the trailer and its combination with OP itself.

Vehicle Mode:

The proportions of the trailer to Optimus is top notch for this Commander class figure as it still looks stunning in its size. Transformation is a breeze with the trailer and the details are quite standard i would say for Prime's trailer.

Trailer Assault Vehicle Mode:

Honestly, this looks like a robot from an old science fiction movie when its standing on its own. It's "Legs" are a bit flimsy as the weight on the hands are a bit too much for it to handle. However, it stands up and is balanced very well after combining with Optimus Prime. Must be its designed to be that way huh. ^^

 Trailer Battle Base Mode:

Battle base mode really shows the details on the trailer itself as its all "folded out" in this form. I like the missile launcher posed this way rather than the ones showed in the manual which is opposite to the way i positioned it. Must be because i found a useful mech port location there.

Combined Mode:

Combination of the two is fairly easy as it uses the simply clip joints for connection, however, some degree of force would be required for it be snapped into place. The hands connects well to its "extended" arms and can some slight articulation as well. Not bad indeed!

Triple rocket launcher??

Grappling arm

Buster Arm

Kinda looks like the Macross Quarter doesn't it? 

Action Poses:

Well we didn't get to see this on film did we? (Trailer been smacked aside doesn't count)

Overall, this figure does very well and its well worth its price. With an addition approx RM30 compared to its Jetwing counterpart, i believe this is a better bargain and offers much more playability. With that said,



  1. Thanks for the review. You know what? I may get this because of the vehicle form. LOL Love the trailer.

  2. woow the battle base mode looks awesome,, and it more perfect with the combination

  3. @Leon: You're welcome bro. I hope i didn't influenced u too much with this review. hehe!!

    @Rip: Yeah, he looks much "wider" in that mode and would be great for display.

  4. I really like Optimus Prime. The trailer really looks great XD

  5. looking at this guy complete, i wish mine have its own trailer, but the Galaxy Force doesn’t come with trailer =/... for sure this figure worth every cent, plenty of accessories as i like =D

  6. You can purchase it too bro! It's not that expensive actually. hehe!

  7. It's pretty cool. A movie toy that can be played like a G1 Prime. Plus the fact that the trailer itself can transform and combine with Prime like an exo suit. Awesome!

  8. Thanks bro! For me this exo suit is better looking than the "Butterfly" suit in Ultimate Prime. ^^