Thursday, January 10, 2013

Android 3D from Solid Edge ST

3D Models. Yes virtual ones. This is gonna be new feature in this blog which I will be posting from time to time. For the first model, lets start with something simply. ^^
Introducing the Android! (No offence you apple fanatics! =P)

Android started its operating system life in 2007 when smartphones were starting to hit the world step by step. And not surprisingly, the rise of Android lead to the lost of market share of Windows Mobile OS. As Android is open source, many handset companies started develop new handphones based on the OS. Into its sixed year, the operating system with a alphabet based version codename is hardly doing any wrong and are just getting better. With a huge financial backer such as Google, I can only see an upward trend towards Android in the future (Samsung will be key in my view though =P)

This green coloured robot is designed with Solid Edge. Why do I use it? Cause this offered me the ability to change the orientation of the "limbs" without the trouble of using a constraints in an assembly (I know its technical here. HAHA!) With this flexibility I can easily reposition or "Pose" my models to my liking. If you want find out more, you can click on this link, Malaysia or this link, Global for more information.

Few more "Action" poses:

...............And when it's ANGRY!!

Till the next post!

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  1. HEY !!! Solid Edge seems to be a funny software... i’m wondering if it’s as versatile as the 3D Studio ???

  2. Actually this software is more towards engineering based. But then the cool thing about it is that you have the option to move "faces" freely to direct edit your model. HAHA. I use it since I have accessed to it. XD. Versatility of cause cant be compared to 3D studio which is more tailored for graphic design. Maybe you can download the trial to try? HAHAHA!

  3. Well, I have to admit that Android is aggressively munching up the Apple pie! Very cute software which I like Danboard would fit the bill too! Lolz...

  4. Yes indeed. The difference in tech gap between those 2 is closing up fast! I would add that to my KIV I guess?? HAHAHAHA!

  5. Now you need to get a 3D printer to get it printed in 3D!!

  6. I also want but sadly no 1 can provide me such a service for minimum price. HAHAHAA