Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[EDITED] Banpresto Ichiban Kuji New Gundam Items

Banpresto prize items have once again gone to the Gundam World, and this time the prizes include:

Double Chance Campaign Special Prize: Gundam Big Soft Vinyl Figure (Metallic Gundam RX-78-2)

Prize A: Gundam Big Soft Vinyl Figure (Gundam RX-78-2)
Prize B: Char's Helmet and Mask Display (1 Type)

Prize C: Haro Round Cushion (1 Type)

Prize D: Mobile Suit Bowl (3 Types)

Prize E: Towel (3 Types)

Prize F: Head Bank (4 Types)

Prize G: Hardcover Notebook (4 Types)

Prize H: Chibi Characters (5 Types) 

Last One Prize: Haro Bowl

Release: March 2011, 500yen per draw
Source: Cybergundam, Toysdailly


  1. haha. i dont think i can even have a chance to draw it here. =p

  2. I'm not too sure if prize A is the big scale soft vinyl Gundam figure which I had bought at fleamarket recently. Always like Banpresto for those affordable collectibles. Sometime the question would be how long would last.

  3. if its around 35cm then maybe it is.haha!
    Banpresto stuff it affordable but very hard to get in Msia. Did u have bad experiences with banpresto before?