Friday, January 28, 2011

Hobby Japan Mail Order Exclusive Orchid Seed 1/8 Reimu Hakurei Completed Sample

Here's some completed sample images of Hobby Japan March Issue Mail Order Exclusive Orchid Seed 1/8 Reimu Hakurei of "Touhou Project". The order can be made from a form obtained in Hobby Japan March issue and the deadline for the submission is 22nd March 2011.

Release: July/August 2011, 6800yen (Inclusive of figure and handling)


  1. Please, i would like to know if you can confirm if this figurine is manufactured by Kotobukiya and not Orchid seed ?

    I'm asking you because, as you can see, some folks say that it's an Orchid seed figure:

    But on Moeyo, we can clearly read the name of Kotobukiya:

    You think it's manufactured by Kotobukiya or Orchid seed ? Your help would be appreciated ^^

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Jean,
    after further checkings online, it seems that she is sculpted by the people from Orchid Seed. Thanks man for realizing it.Really appreciate it. ^^