Sunday, January 23, 2011

TT Hongli PG SD Sangokuden Gunplas!?

As the title says it, there is a TT Hongli PG SD Sangokuden Gunplas in this world now! Got this images via the facebook page of one of the local gundam sellers in Malaysia. It seems that to avoid getting busted for copyrighting the SD Sangokuden box arts by Bandai (like how they used to) they have come up with an incredible scheme which is put a PG in front and redesign the box art! However, a PG might be its name but a straight build model tells us otherwise..... (see below)

Below are some straight build images of Liu Bei:

This poster that is provided is poster that one can hang in their room, but turn it over, ITS the CONSTRUCTION MANUAL!

Doesnt give me the looks of a "good guy" Hero..

Well this is what one can get by buying this PG. An articulated elbow and.......

An articulated knee! Awesome!!

Comparison with Bandai's SD Sangokuden Liu Bei Gundam