Saturday, January 8, 2011

[EDITED2] D-Arts Rockman X New Images (Added Magazine Scans and Release Info)

Looks like D-arts is not merely meant for Digimon releases as images of prototype D-arts Rockman X has surfaced in the net. Rockman X is the protagonist in the long running game series Megaman/Rockman X which has been translated into all available console platforms from Gameboy, NintendoDS, Playstation Series and etc.

As a tribute to all Rockman/Megaman fans out there, here's the opening sequence from the PC/PS2 game Megaman X8. Will this release finally get Capcom to bring us Megaman X9? Let's hope yes!

Release: April 2011, 3300yen (Tax Included)
Source: Cybergundam

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