Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mastermind Creations KM04 Assassin Squad (Insecticons) Prototype Images

Third party transformers maker, Mastermind Creations will be releasing their own Insecticons via the name of "Assassin Squad" The non-insect theme in this upcoming release is their ability to change into a train mode rather than a giant insect combiner... 

Release: TBA
Source:, ACToys


  1. First, they have Optimus Prime in train mode and now they are turning insecticons to train too. Well, combiners will be appealing however in train mode, the toys do seems a bit weird.

  2. HAHA! mastermind creations shud be renamed "train creations" (no offence ^^). Though their train design is good, it just doesnt sell with insecticons..