Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[EDITED] iGear Animated Style Convoy Head (Added Completed Sample Images)

Third party Transformer maker IGear, has released the Animated Style Convoy heads for use with Masterpiece Convoy (MP01/04), Ultra Magnus (MP02) and Black Convoy (MP-01B). These animated head are to give the masterpiece series a more comic look of their heads which makes them more identical to those we saw during Transformers G1.

*Orders can be made HERE  in IGear's Online Shop

Release: 15th Jan 2011
Price per Head: USD18
Price per Set (All 3 heads): USD50
Source: Seibertron.com


  1. somehow i prefer the original head that comes with the masterpiece. =p

  2. Somehow, the fan projects helps boost the sale of Hasbro/Takara. Lol... Nice but a little steep for just the head.

  3. yea.. some products are just worth their price. However, their mini masterpieces are cool! and the new head with a cigar for transformers generation/united Kup is kinda interesting. :D