Monday, January 3, 2011

Mastermind Creations KM03 Cyclops (Shockwave) and KM04 Assassin Squad (Insecticons)

Third party transformer maker Mastermind Creations is going to release KM03 Cyclops (Shockwave) and KM04 Assassin Squad (Insecticons) in 2011. After their first two releases, KM01 and 02 which are based on a single mold, finally there are venturing out to new horizons with these two new releases.

A leaked out prototype of 1 of the Insecticons, in the form of Shrapnel:

A sketch of how the Insecticons will look like and a combined mode.
(Train again!!? What's the matter with Mastermind Creations and trains...) - KM01 and 02 Knight Morpher's alternate mode is also a train...


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